Birthday Chart

Do you think that your life is at the mercy of planetary transits? With the help of Aimed Solar Returns, you take up the reins of your own life. What’s an Aimed Solar Return? Every year on your birthday, by spending it at a specific place in the world, you can avoid dangerous conflicts and choose to improve one or more aspects of your life, such as love, health, work, money, family, real estate and more […]

Luckiest Places in the World

There are places in the world where your life can improve dramatically. Through the analysis of your birth chart, the angular positions of the beneficent Planets and an Aimed Solar Return, you can discover and use these places to your advantage. You can choose to relocate for a fulfilling life or to positively redirect your path to meet a life partner, make profitable investments, improve your health and so on […]

Auspicious Occasions

There are certain auspicious times to start your projects, so that the stars allow you to achieve the best results. I can recommend the right day and time to launch a business, put a property up for sale, renovate your unused properties or move into a new house, get married, plan a surgical operation, buy a car, pursue your education and make other life-changing decisions […]


To proceed with a personalised consultation, I will need to know your date of birth, as well as the exact location and time of birth, as reported in your birth certificate. This is of utmost importance, as very often, the time provided by your immediate family members is not accurate […]

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